Whenever in doubt, first assuming that whatever you are assessing is a scam!

Here is a quick guide on how to protect yourselves against scammers and phishers.

  • If something is too good to be true, it probably is! Immediately exit the site or application in question.

  • Switcheo community managers and admins will never ask you for your private key or transfer funds.

  • Never click through or ignore warnings! Always read the warnings and understand what they entail. If you do not understand a warning, you should either find out more or simply not use the service.

  • Do not click on ads from search engines to access important websites; these ads may not always give you the legitimate address of the website you are searching for. This is also a common phishing strategy by attackers.

  • When accessing a site for the first time, authenticate that you have used the correct address from multiple sources such as Reddit, Twitter, and other 3rd-party references. One such 3rd-party reference is Cryptonite by MetaCert. When accessing Switcheo Exchange and other verified domains, you should see a green bar when using this extension. Do note that this just means the address is certified to not be a phishing domain, but it does not validate the contents of the page in the event of an attack.

  • Use a hardware wallet where possible for trading. Switcheo Exchange supports the use of the Ledger hardware wallet, and that is our recommended way of trading on our decentralized exchange.

  • We will only email you from emails using @switcheo.network domains.

  • Do not use a public computer or public WiFi while trading where the device or network could be insecure.

  • Do not save your private keys in places where you might lose them such as in your handphone or email.

  • All official announcements, listings, partnerships will be made from our Twitter and Medium. You can follow us on our official Telegram and Telegram Announcements channel to keep up-to-date with the latest news from Switcheo.

  • Use a separate wallet for trading to limit your risks.

The Switcheo team will never ask for your private keys, credit card information or other credentials in any form of direct communication.

Thank you everyone for your support and stay safe!

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