Never click through or ignore warnings! Always read the warnings and understand what they entail.

Always type in website addresses manually when accessing an important or high-value site or wallet. Bookmark such sites after accessing it the first time for faster and safer access.


Check that the Extended Validation (EV) Certificate is in the upper-left corner of the website.

Do not click on ads from search engines to access important websites; These ads may not always give you the legitimate address of the website you are searching for. This is also a common phishing strategy by attackers.

When accessing a site for the first time, authenticate that you have used the correct address from multiple sources such as Reddit, Twitter, and other 3rd-party references. One such 3rd-party reference is Cryptonite by MetaCert. When accessing Switcheo Exchange and other verified domains, you should see a green bar under the browser URL bar when using this extension. Do note that this just means the address is certified to not be a phishing domain, but it does not validate the contents of the page in the event of an attack.

Use a hardware wallet when possible for trading. Switcheo Exchange supports the use of the Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets, and that is the recommended way of trading on our decentralized exchange.

Use a hot wallet for daily use and a cold wallet for holdings of large amounts of assets. Hardware and paper wallets with proper backups are a good choice for cold wallets.

Security is a layered defense. Even chrome extensions like MetaMask can be phished by a determined attacker. If you are a very active trader, consider using a separate trading wallet to minimize risks if all else fails.

If you come across any scams or phishing websites posing as Switcheo, please send us an email to so we can deal with the issue efficiently.

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