To update your Switcheo Account Google Authenticator code, please have you wallets "Mnemonic Phrase" ready and use the following steps.

  • Browse to and login using your email/password

  • At the bottom of the 2FA authentication window, click on "Reset 2-Factor Authentication".

  • Step 1 - This clears the existing 2FA.
     Enter your Email address and Mnemonic Phrase -  Click "NEXT"

  • Step 2 - This creates a new 2FA code.
    Enter your Email Address and Password - Click "NEXT"

  • Scan the displayed QR code into Google Authenticator, then enter the Authenticator code.
    Please consider storing the code for reuse at a later time if you change phones etc.
    To prevent later confusion, remember to remove the old 2FA entry from Authenticator.

  • You are now logged in to your wallet.

This completes the procedure.

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