Switcheo Fiat Gateway is a fiat-to-crypto feature on Switcheo that leverages on O3's platform, and allows users to purchase crypto in a convenient and seamless manner.

Currently, ETH and NEO tokens are available for purchase.


To begin, access the Switcheo Exchange at: https://switcheo.exchange.

As a good security practice, check that Switcheo's SSL certificate, "Switcheo Exchange Pte Ltd [SG]", is visible in the address bar to ensure that you are not on a malicious site. 

Also, always check that you are visiting https://switcheo.exchange.

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Head to https://switcheo.exchange and connect your Ethereum or NEO wallet. If you do not own a blockchain wallet, create a Switcheo Account here to get started.

If you do not own a Switcheo Account, you can opt to log in with your Ethereum and NEO wallet.

Key in the amount of ETH or NEO that you would like to purchase. The minimum buy order is USD$50. Once confirmed, click the “Buy” button.

Note: The USD amount shown is an estimated price of how much you will be paying for ETH/NEO, which is inclusive of credit card fees. Following crypto price fluctuations, the rates for ETH/NEO are subject to change.

Step 2: Confirm your payment details

You will be redirected to the Payments page. Key in your credit card and personal details. Then, agree to the terms and click “Pay Now”.

Verify your email and phone number. Once you have successfully verified your email. click on "Continue".

Step 3: Confirm your KYC details

As part of compliance, you would need to do KYC (only one time). After your KYC has been approved, all future purchases will be almost instant!

Once you've completed your KYC, it should take 24 - 72 hours before it gets approved. 

Note: Please make sure that you always check your emails promptly.  You may have to wait longer to purchase crypto if your KYC fails, the ETH or NEO rate changes or if you want to move on to the next step of purchase.

Step 4: Receive your crypto!

Once that's done, you should receive an email stating that your payment request has been approved.

In the email, you should see the following:

  • The amount in USD that was charged to your credit card

  • Amount of ETH/NEO that will be sent to your Switcheo Account, Ethereum or NEO wallet address

  • Transaction ID (for tracking your payment status)

For Switcheo Account users: You will find your purchased crypto in your Available Balance

For blockchain wallet users: You will find your purchased crypto in your Wallet Balance

Some other things that you should consider when buying:

  • Minimum buy order: USD$50 

  • Maximum buy order: USD$20,000

  • Best rate becomes available with purchases above USD$200

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