If you’d like to login to Switcheo Exchange via O3, follow the steps below to get started.

On Desktop

Step 1: Download O3 Wallet

First, go to O3’s website: https://o3.network and download the latest version of O3.

Once downloaded, open the app and login to your NEO wallet. Alternatively, you can also create a new one on the login screen.

Note: Remember to leave the app open so Switcheo can connect to O3 in the next step!

Step 2: Head to Switcheo Exchange

As a good security practice, check that Switcheo's SSL certificate, "Switcheo Exchange Pte Ltd [SG]", is visible in the address bar to ensure that you are not on a malicious site. 

Also, always check that you are visiting https://switcheo.exchange.

Mouse over to the top right corner of the page,  click the "Connect Wallet" button and under the NEO wallet tab, select O3 as your preferred login method.

Select the O3 wallet address that you would like to connect to the exchange. In the example below, I've selected "Switcheo Test".  

Then, click "Connect". This will connect your NEO wallet in O3 to Switcheo Exchange.

Step 3: Making a Trade

To begin trading, click on the dropdown menu on the top left and place a buy or sell order on your selected trading pair. In the example below, SWTH/NEO is the default trading pair selected.

Next, reject or approve the transaction.

Enter your passphrase to proceed with your transaction.

 To view the transaction details, click the orange dropdown arrow and scroll down.

In your transaction details, you will find the following information below:

Your signing address

Your NEO wallet address signing the transaction.

Contract script hash

The smart contract users are interacting with.


Action that you executed on the exchange (e.g: make offer).

Invocation arguments

The arguments that are sent to the smart contract.

On Mobile

Mobile version support guide is coming soon!

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