The Switcheo Chest event allows participants that commit to holding at least 100,000 SWTH for 90 days to earn from a pool of 5,000,000 SWTH. 

SWTH earned will be credited to the user’s wallet at the end of the event. Distribution of tokens will be conducted within 2 weeks from the end of the campaign. 

Event period: 22 January, 12:00 UTC+8 to 21 April, 12:00 UTC+8

How to take part in Switcheo HODL Elite:

Step 1: Login and deposit SWTH into your contract balance
Step 2: Navigate to the Switcheo Chest page
Step 3: Key in the amount of SWTH tokens you wish to commit 

Program Rules:

  1. To be eligible for the Switcheo HODL Elite, you will have to commit a minimum amount of 100,000 SWTH in Switcheo Chest.
  2. Committed SWTH cannot be unlocked or used until the stipulated event end time. Tokens that are locked are still eligible for Switcheo’s airdrop campaigns.
  3. Users may commit tokens after the event has started, but the rewards earned will be prorated by the lock-up start date.
  4. Only users who have fulfilled all the criteria throughout the event period will be eligible for the rewards.
  5. Switcheo reserves the right to amend event rules or cancel the event at our sole discretion.
  6. If any other form of staking of SWTH begins before the stipulated end date of Switcheo HODL Elite, the chest will be unlocked early so that users can stake tokens via the new staking model. Rewards will be prorated as if the remaining duration is complete and tokens will be distributed in full.

Learn more about the Switcheo HODL Elite campaign here

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