Switcheo has a simple and low fee structure for our markets.

Trading Fees

Maker: If you place an order that gets added into the open order-book and is waiting to be matched, you are the maker. No fee is charged when another user fills your order.

Taker: If you place an order that immediately gets matched against an order already in the order-book, you are the taker. Since takers reduce the exchange's liquidity, takers pay the full taker and network fee.

Swap: Cross-chain atomic swap trades are always charged the full taker and network fee.

For more information on Makers and Takers, please read help article.

SWTH Discount

From 11th Feb 2020, users who hold SWTH in their contract balance will earn from a tiered fee discount. Read more about it here!

Paying fees in Neo GAS

Normally, Trading Fees are paid in the asset being received. For trades on the NEO blockchain, users can elect to pay their Trading Fee using Neo GAS deposited into their Contract Balance, switch on the "Use GAS To Pay Fees" option on the order form to enable this feature.

Network Fees

In addition, network fees are applied on taker and swap trades to cover the cost of committing transactions on the blockchain. 

The amount of network fee applied to each trade varies dynamically and is dependent on the global usage level at the time of settlement, as well as the type of blockchain the trade happens on.

The maximum total (trading + network) fee is capped at 10% of the traded quantity. 

Cross-blockchain trades (atomic swaps) are subjected to network fees on both blockchains and is also capped at 10% of the traded quantity.

For more information on "Gas Price" for the Ethereum blockchain, please read this help article.

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