Switcheo does not charge commissions for token deposits. However, a network fee may be paid out to cover the cost of committing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Non-Switcheo Account Users

There are no fees for depositing tokens from your own non-custodial wallet as network fees are paid from your own wallet.

Switcheo Account Users

NOTE: Switcheo Account users who wish to deposit Ethereum-based tokens will need to first deposit Ether (ETH) for payment of network fees. 

When depositing Ether, 0.03 ETH is reserved under "Switcheo Gas" for paying Ethereum network fees for future deposits and withdrawals. To withdraw this reserved amount, please follow this help article.

The following fee will be deducted from your Switcheo Gas balance when depositing tokens. It is directly used to pay the network cost of transferring the token from your Switcheo Account wallet to the exchange smart contract.

For more information on "Gas Price" for the Ethereum blockchain, please read this help article.

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