📣 Ledger WebUSB Support Enabled 📣

Switcheo now supports the experimental WebUSB API for connecting to the Ethereum Blockchain (ETH & ERC-20 Tokens) using Ledger hardware wallets. This allows users to connect to Switcheo on the Windows Operating System without triggering Windows Security popups.

To use WebUSB, click one of the “Connect Wallet” buttons on the exchange.

Next, select “Connect Wallets” under the Blockchain Wallets section of the login page.

Before proceeding any further, make sure to open the Ethereum app on your ledger. Then select Ethereum, Ledger then click “Connect.”

If your browser supports WebUSB, you will be presented with a native pop-up dialog. Select the correct USB device from the list and click "Connect". 

Note that in some cases, the Ledger device may simply be identified as “Unknown Device xxx-yyy”. 

Lastly, select the wallet address you’d like to login with and click “Connect.”

*Also note that connecting to Ledger may take some time (up to 30 seconds), so please be patient!

*If the exchange does not recognize your ledger device, please ensure that both the Firmware and App are up to date by using Ledger Live. 

Browser Support for WebUSB

EDGE 79+

Chrome 61+


Ledger Support


Ethereum App: Version 1.3.7

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