Switcheo Gas is a small portion of your first deposited ETH, which is reserved to pay network fees on the Ethereum blockchain when a user withdrawals their funds.

Your Switcheo Gas balance can be viewed at the top of your Switcheo Account wallet manager.

To top up your Switcheo Gas balance, simply type in “ETH” into the token search box, then click “Deposit.” Finally, send ETH to the address displayed on your wallet manager.

To adjust the amount that is reserved in your Switcheo Gas account, from your wallet manager, go to “Settings,” then click “Change,” then type in your desired amount. The default amount is set to 0.03 ETH. 

*Note that if you send more ETH than the amount set for Switcheo Gas, the excess ETH will go to your trading balance. 

The amount of Switcheo Gas required to operate your Switcheo Account varies based on the Gas price (measured in GWEI). 

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