This guide assumes you have already signed up for a Switcheo Tradehub account. Follow the guide here if you have not.

Staking SWTH

Following is your step-by-step demonstration of staking SWTH starting from the “Staking Homepage”.

Step 1: Browse to and click on “Start Staking” at the top left section of the staking homepage.

Once you click on “Start Staking”, the page will move down to the “Validator Pools” section. Here, you will see a list of validator pools you can choose from to delegate your Switcheo tokens.

Step 2: Click on the “Stake” button on the right for the validator of your choosing. We use Everstake in the following example.

*Please note that the list of validators shown are examples.

You will now see a pop-up on your screen which says “Stake with validator of your choice”.

This window also displays the estimated return % on your stake and the Validator Fee (The commission retained by the validator for generating blocks) .

Step 3: Input the number of SWTH you wish to stake and click “Confirm”.

You have now successfully staked your SWTH on our platform!

Step 4: The details of your confirmed stake will be displayed on the “My Staked SWTH” page for reference.

Check Your Rewards

To check your total rewards, simply click on the “My Rewards” tab on the mid-right section of the “My Staked SWTH” page.

Finally, on the “My Rewards” page, you will see your list of tokens and the amount of staking rewards you have earned.

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