Head to https://switcheo.exchange.

As a good security practice, check that Switcheo's SSL certificate, "Switcheo Exchange Pte Ltd [SG]", is visible in the address bar to ensure that you are not on a malicious site. 

Also, always check that you are visiting https://switcheo.exchange.

There are two ways to log in to the exchange:

  • Switcheo Account
  • Individual blockchain wallets (e.g: Ethereum, NEO)

To set up a Switcheo Account, go here.

To successfully send and receive funds, you will need to connect both your Ethereum and NEO wallets. Learn more about connecting your wallets here.

Step 1: Login to Switcheo Exchange

Navigate to the trading pair dropdown and select your preferred trading pair. 

In the example below, the SWTH/ETH market is selected. Log in with your Switcheo Account or connect your wallets to start trading.

Step 2: Switcheo Account users Only - Deposit the tokens you would like to sell

Note: If you are NOT using Switcheo account to Log In, leave the tokens you wish to sell in your Wallet - depositing them to the contract will cause an error when you place an order.

After connecting your wallets, navigate to the Wallet Manager and deposit the tokens you wish to trade. In the example below, SWTH is deposited. 

Note: To successfully transfer your tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, make sure you have some ETH (for GAS) in your wallet balance.

Step 3: Key in your preferred amount

The order price will be determined by an automated market making feature. In the example below, I am selling SWTH for ETH. 

Step 4: Select your mode of transaction

The interface will wait for a trustless atomic swap transaction. You also have the option to trust Switcheo to complete the atomic swap by toggling the "Skip Waiting" button under the receiving address (highlighted in red).

Step 5: Order completed!

Your transaction is now completed. You can view your latest order under "Current Trade Tracking" panel.

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